“Lying is done with words and also with silence.”
 Adrienne Rich


Online PR and advertising stand for an efficient, interactive, and flexible method of communication with low costs, as compared to other media, with immediate feedback. It addresses a highly selective, well-informed, and hard to get target difficult to reach by any other means.

SwissPlan not only offers services, but also solves its clients’ problems regarding promotion and communication. We innovate only when our solutions would leverage our client’s activity.

Our success does not consist only of the technical solutions we use, but of the values our client perceives. Should you want to meet us, here is our contact data:

Albert Budică, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Business Consultant
Mobile phone: +(40) 744.264.481
E-mail: albert.budica@swissplan.biz

Claudia Pătraşcu
Communication Manager
Mobile phone: +(40) 745.141.492
E-mail: claudia.patrascu@swissplan.biz


4 Agigea Alley, 102A building, entr.B, ap.99, 6th district, Bucharest, Romania

E-mail: office@swissplan.biz


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