“You can have all the technology and global forces you want, but it's useless if basic trust does not exist.”
 Arthur Levitt Jr.


 What does SwissPlan offer?

Complete services of business consulting, with a focus on strategy and marketing. Our services include marketing and strategy consultancy, but also implementation of online marketing actions.

Here are some of our services:

    * Marketing consultancy,
          o Marketing Plan
          o Marketing Audit etc.
    * Benchmarking studies,

    * Online communication solutions and implementation
          o Adapting the online communication strategy to the marketing objectives of the organization;
          o Complex targeting: selection of websites, days, hours, regions where the online campaign will be carried out, establishes the display frequency, etc.
          o Advertising campaigns on qualitative Romanian and Foreign Websites;
          o Performing and managing PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns;
          o Sponsoring links on Google and Yahoo, including the creation of landing pages;
          o Creating banners, online contests, advertorials and interviews with and about the organization’s projects;
          o Advertising on specialized forums, chat rooms, and e-newsletters (customization and implementation of banners);
          o Administering promotions of a specific project, centralizing information on visitors, and contributing to the creation of databases with potential clients;
          o Monitoring the advertising process and writing a report on the results of the online campaign;
          o Proposing and implementing projects, including various methods of promotion such as online contests.
    * Project Management procedures and tools implementation etc.

All these are provided to you with a context of clear procedures, showing transparency, and reporting work hours and the costs each project involved.

The marketing plan must include the interactive ingredient, the Internet. Because online advertising campaigns provide a substantial competitive advantage!

Effective communication, the key of successful PR

A good reputation is a company’s most valuable asset and a good PR strategy substantially contributes to the success of the company by assuring its consistent smooth communication with its target. Better PR can help you improve the image of your company, therefore winning the consideration and the support of your target, and consolidate your relationship with your clients, collaborators, and employees.

How does online PR make the difference?

In order to be successful in PR, you must communicate promptly, precisely, and briefly! The Internet provides us with valuable opportunities on this purpose, not only by targeting the online audience, but also by influencing other media environments, such as Radio, Television, or the Written Press.

Online PR usually consists of:

    * Developing the company’s strategy and planning its online PR activities.
    * Editing press releases for online publications,
    * Editing advertorials and publicity texts,
    * Directly contacting the journalists,
    * Monitoring the endorsements in online press,
    * Monitoring competition’s PR online activities,
    * Organizing contests on targeted sites,
    * Publishing and consistently updating corporation blogs etc.

Online advertising projects

Advertising via the internet stands for the most economic method of communication to a large number of potential clients in the shortest period of time. If a company wants to remain active in its field, it should advertise strongly and steadily.

Online advertising campaigns provide not only the possibility to precisely address a specific target, but also a maximum flexibility within a very short period of time. This allows the continuous optimization of the results. A good example is a Google campaign which communicates with the potential client at the very moment they decided to advertise or to buy a product.

Why SwissPlan.biz?

Dynamic organizations who want to promote themselves and pursue to attain a loyal and involved audience will find in the solutions developed by SwissPlan the perfect completion of the classical methods of publicity. With the online campaigns carried out by SwissPlan you will reach more easily your global objectives in sales, marketing, and advertising.
Respect, innovation, and efficiency are the values that will guide us in our activities and upon which we build the long-term relationship with our partners and clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients, and their clients, with value while respecting the moral and spiritual values of our society.
Therefore our life principles urge us to turn down advertising campaigns for tobacco or alcohol that affect - when excessively consumed, not only the addicted, but also the people they interact with. This is just one of the criteria that guide SwissPlan when selecting its clients and carrying out its activities. You will discover the entire code of SwissPlan Values when you’ll meet us. We are looking forward to that moment!



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