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Ringier Romania creates online division


Ringier Romania is opening in mid of July a new online division. This division will consist of over 100 jobs and its leadership will be ensured on an ad-interim basis by General Manager Marius Hagger.

The company is currently running a recruitment process to fill over 50 jobs across the new division. The online division will work as an independent business unit which on one hand brings together the online activities of the print brands while on the other hand is responsible to identify and carry out new business opportunities in the area of e-commerce and services.

The division will have seven departments (evz.ro, libertatea.ro, capital.ro, Magazines Online, Marketing & Sales, IT Online and WebTV). Laurentiu Ciornei and Andrei Frunza will head the editorial operations and development operations respectively of the entire division. In addition, Andrei Frunza will take up the top position of the marketing and sales department, comprised of 12 jobs.

The eight employees in the sales structure will handle the relations with agencies that manage Ringier Romania’s online accounts, such as ARBOinteractive and Splendid Media, as well as insource a part of the sale process.

The main objective of the new division is to establish the websites of the portfolio as leaders in their segments both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The upcoming projects include a new format of evz.ro newswire on an improved platform, the launch of a new women’s portal and promotion of the new business model.

This decision is in line with Ringier Group's strategy to strengthen the online segment and is strongly supported by the Ringier CEO Christian Unger. In the first half of 2009, Ringier acquired three new online platforms in three countries (Croatia, Serbia and Vietnam) and launched new online products in almost all countries it operates.

For the time being, Ringier Romania’s online portfolio includes 9 websites.

Source: www.wall-street.ro



Ringier Romania creates online division

Ringier Romania is opening in mid of July a new online division. This division will consist of over ....

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