“The new system takes us a giant step beyond mass production towards increasing customisation … towards niches and micromarketing.”
 Alvin Toffler

SuperBlog 2008 – a Romanian blogging contest


Not less than 242 blogs enrolled as participants in SuperBlog 2008, a blogging-marketing contest organised by pcnews.ro and SwissPlan.biz in the fall of 2008. Romanian’ bloggers creativity was stirred by the biggest prize ever offered across national blogging contests: a $10,000 USD contract for one single post, to be signed with the most prolific and creative player in the 3-month intense blogging competition.


The contest was sponsored and juried by 14 worldwide known companies – e.g. ASUS, AMD, SONY, Edimax, and well-reputated local players such as Prooptiki Romania (theatrical and home-entertainment movie distributor), BitDefender (security software producer), BestSeller TV Media (teleshopping company) and top Romanian online shops: Arigo.ro, MagazinulTau.ro, MarketOnline.ro, OKTAL.ro, OneStop.ro, eMAG.ro and OnSite.ro.


All sponsors contributed with several prizes each, summing up to 50 valuable prizes (laptops, TFTs, processors, networking products etc.). Furthermore, the organizing companies, SwissPlan.biz and pcnews.ro, offered 350 SuperBlog 2008-branded cotton T-Shirts, displaying all sponsors’ and media partners’ logos (on the back side). Each of the top 50 most active blogs won a sponsors-offered valuable prize and a SuperBlog 2008-branded cotton T-Shirt, granted by the contest organizers.

Gala Event

The Metropolitan Library in Bucharest was selected to host the SuperBlog 2008 gala event. Located centrally, near Romana Square, in a classic newly renovated building providing all the requested facilities, it best suited the event. The catering was managed by a strongly-experienced chef, having worked for several Romanian embassies across Asia and Europe. All sponsors and media partners were invited to display roll-up banners on-site.

Media coverage

The event attracted the involvement and support of well-known media vehicles such us PrimaTV, Radio Smart FM, RadioLynx.ro, 121.ro, Compact, XtremPC, PCWorld, and benefited from excellent media coverage in online environment, on high-quality portals and e-zines, in printed newspapers and magazines, and online or FM radio shows etc.


The sponsors of SuperBlog 2008 enjoyed qualitative and quantitative feedback, hundreds of articles and backlinks with strong SEO benefits, many connections across the Romanian blogosphere - all with a very good benefit/cost report to be further detailed in this report.

Bottom line

This marketing action included great “brand awareness” and “call-to-action” ingredients and delivered all its promises to sponsors, bloggers, media and every other physical or legal entity involved.  

SuperBlog 2008



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SuperBlog 2008 – a Romanian blogging contest

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