“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence.”
 Colin Powell
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They all try to communicate efficiently, but few succeed. Words can provide us with either a good or a bad image, depending on one’s ability of using them in order to build success. It was not in vain that Oratory is one of the most appreciated and cultivated arts of Antiquity! New technologies provide us with better methods of communication which can contribute significantly to your success in business. The Internet/Online environment is abundant in promotional opportunities, thus facilitating interactive communication and constructive exchanges of ideas. If you are keen to correctly and promptly receiving your target’s feedback to your publicity campaign, the Internet stands for the solution you are seeking! Use its possibilities to your best advantage!

Online Public Relations (Online PR)

If your displayed image does not reflect what you want for your business, it means that your communication with your target can be significantly improved. If you want to enhance the awareness of your business, to put your abilities to their best value, and build a strong reputation, you need a PR specialist. You can try to do it, of course, but the results won’t be as good! Can you file your taxes as well as a professional accountant? You won’t do it! Unless you want to let the image of your business at the mercy of fate, let the Swiss Plan specialists manage the reputation of your company with Swiss Precision. Thus you shall see how better communication can provide your business with greater success!

Online advertising

Do you want clients to look for you, or you want to look for them? Advertise your products and/or services on the most interactive environment, The Internet! Users are becoming more and more every day, are usually highly educated and highly paid people, with higher expectations as well as higher quality of products and services. In order to have them interested in your offer, you need a precisely planned and managed campaign that provides them with relevant information in a concise, clear, and easy to remember manner. Do you know how you can do it? SwissPlan can provide you smart and fast strategic communication directly with your target.

Here are some of the brands and companies that we develop and manage online communication projects for:






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Ringier Romania is opening in mid of July a new online division. This division will consist of over ....

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SuperBlog 2008 – a Romanian blogging contest

Not less than 242 blogs enrolled as participants in SuperBlog 2008, a blogging-marketing contest ....

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Arco Real Estate challenges the Romanian real estate market with an innovative approach

Arco Real Estate launched on the Romanian market in October 2006 as Arco Real Estate Consulting. ....

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SwissPlan.biz launches Expansys International online

One year after its launch on the Romanian market, the company Expansys International could already ....

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